Aphids, thrips, flies, leaf miners

» Can be found on the outside of the stalk, and leaf miner trails can be buried in the flesh of the celery


Although in the past celery was a vegetable that needed very little focus and attention (one would simply run one’s finger down the stalk to clean the celery’s surface), in recent years celery has been found, at times, to contain leaf miners. Therefore, before washing the celery stalk, one should examine both the inside and the outside of the stalk for leaf miner trails.

The trail on a celery stalk is thinner and extends in a more curved line than does the trail on a lettuce leaf.

Steps for cleaning celery

  1. Remove all side branches of celery.
  2. Hold each celery stalk firmly under a strong stream of water.
  3. While holding the stalk under water, brush down both the inside and outside of the stalk with your finger