Insect Inspect

From Kohlrabi to Kale – How to check Fruits and Vegetables

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Pass the Cheese

Understanding cholov yisroel and its applications.

Contemporary articles discussing practical kashrus issues.

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Eating Out?

Comprehensive Kashrus info about every food establishment in our area

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How can we help you?

Ask the Vaad

Feel free to reach out with all your kashrus questions and guidance

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Produce Guide

Detailed visual and written easy-to-follow steps in checking your favorite produce.

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Helpful Links

Gain direct access to Liquor, Medicine, Yoshon lists, and more…

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Get Certified

Follow our easy step by step guide to get certified.

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Kashrus FAQs

Coffee in Starbucks, Drinks in a hotel, kosher vitamins

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Shiurim from our local Rabbonim discussing contemporary, and fascinating kashrus topics.

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About Us

Vaad Hakashrus Five Towns Far Rockaway

Vaad HaKashrus of Five Towns Far Rockaway is a non-profit organization that was founded to supervise and certify retail establishments and commercial companies that cater to the Kosher consumer in the local Five Towns area. The Vaad Hakashrus adheres to only the strictest standards of Kashrus.

The Vaad

The Vaad Hakashrus of the Five Towns & Far Rockaway is a communal kosher certification which began with a few stores in early 1970’s adhering to the strictest standards of Kashrus.


The Vaad HaKashrus certifies an array of different establishments including bakeries, caterers, pizza stores, butchers, supermarkets, nursing homes, steakhouses, and more.


There are more than 50 Rabbonim representing their kehillas including many of the yeshivas of the community as members of the Vaad HaKashrus.

News & Updates

The Latest in Kashrus Alerts