Chefah Catering

Chefah Catering

Kashrus Info

Business Type: Caterer

Kashrus Type: Dairy,Meat

Cholov Yisroel: Yes

Pas Yisroel: Yes

Yoshon: Yes

Bishul Yisroel Tuna: Yes

Simanim Checked Salmon/Lox, Anasakis Free Fish: Yes

Additional Kashrus Hidurim: Yes


"The following meat / poultry sources can be found in this establishment"

Meat Vendors: Alle, Agri, Mehadrin, Solomon's, Tevya's Ranch

Poultry Vendors: Marvid, Mesorah, KJ, Empire, Agri, Alle, Greenbaum, Pelleh

Provisions: A&H, Alle, Solomon, Birdsboro, Agri, KJ, Hod Golan, Of Tov-Weissmandel