Seaweed/Nori Sheets

Seaweed/Nori Sheets

Baby seahorses, shrimp
» Can be found pressed into the nori sheet

Several factors regarding nori sheets necessitate that they be certified with a reliable hashgachah and not used otherwise:

1. Toasted nori sheets: There is a potential problem of the company adding certain flavors that might be of questionable kashrus status.

2. Presence of baby seahorses (see photographs): Seahorses can be found on the nori sheets, since they
are a product of the sea. These small insects attach themselves to the seaweed and become tightly pressed into the surface when the seaweed is processed and formed into sheets. The factories that produce seaweed under supervision utilize an electronic eye. The electronic eye rejects and removes from the production processing line any foreign matter, including seahorses.

Since nori sheets can be infested with seahorses, it is recommended that the average untrained person purchase nori sheets from companies carrying a reliable hashgachah.