Thrips, spider mites
» Can be found on the outer and inner layers of the onion

NOTE: Onions have, at times, been found to contain thrips. In general, firm and healthylooking onions (which include the vast majority of Spanish, red, and Vidalia onions) are free of insects and need not be checked.

The following types of onions are prone to insects. Onions which:
a. are softer than usual;
b. are open on top or on bottom;
c. show signs of rotting;


If you wish to use one of the types of onions listed above, the following steps should be followed:


Steps for cleaning onions that can be prone to insects

1. After removing the top of the onion, carefully examine that portion, specifically looking between the layers for the presence of any black, white, or gray thrips.
2. If there are any thrips found between the layers in the top (cut off) portion of the onion, the layers of the rest of the onion must be examined for thrips or taken apart and thoroughly rinsed under water. This rinsing is done by rubbing your fingers through all the layers of the onion while the water is cascading over the onion.
3. If no thrips are found in the top (cut off) portion, the rest of the onion should be washed after it is cut up and then may be used without further inspection.