Flies, small white or red worm mites
» Can be embedded in the fan-like underpart of the mushroom.

Baby Bella, Button Mushrooms:

Wash thoroughly with water. No inspection is necessary

Morel, Oyster Mushrooms

It is nearly impossible to check these types of mushrooms; therefore, the Vaad does not recommend using this

Portobello Mushrooms
Flies, white and red worms
» Embedded in the underpart or in the inner section

Steps for cleaning portobello mushrooms
1. Remove stem.
2. Scrape out entire brown fan-like underpart (which can be done easily with a spoon).
3. Wash thoroughly with water. No inspection is necessary. (If also using the stem, wash the stem thoroughly with water.)

Shiitake Mushrooms:

At times, specifically during the warm summer months (June – September), shiitake mushrooms can be infested with small flies hiding in the white fan of the mushroom. Therefore, during these summer months, scrape out the white fan. After the fan is removed, wash both the inside and outside of the mushroom very thoroughly. During the winter months, firmly run your fingers through the white fan and observe if any flies come out. If flies are noticed, follow the above-mentioned procedure.