The Vaad does not recommend checking this item because some national hashgochas do not recommend it. However, for one who still want to use fresh broccoli, the Vaad recommends using the STEMS only

Aphids, thrips, spider mites, and broccoli worms
» Can be lodged in the floret head or at the base of the area connecting the floret to the stem.

Broccoli Stems:

Wash thoroughly with water. No inspection is necessary

Broccoli Florets:
It is important to note that raw broccoli cannot be inspected effectively. Insects are embedded in the very depths of the floret, and it is impossible to inspect the depths of a raw broccoli floret without ruining
the floret. Therefore, raw broccoli florets should not be used.

Broccoli Slaw:
» Broccoli slaw consisting of the solid stem does not need to be checked for insects. This does not include organic broccoli slaw.