METHOD II: Leaf-by-Leaf Inspection

METHOD II: Leaf-by-Leaf Inspection

The steps for leaf-by-leaf inspection of produce are:

Prepare produce for visual inspection by washing:

1. Pull leaves from the produce item.

2. Fill a large bowl / pan with water and a soapy solution. The bowl / pan should be large enough to enable you to vigorously move around the leaves, as described below. The amount of soapy solution should be enough to make the water feel slippery and be sudsy.

3. Submerge leaves in the soapy solution for approximately two minutes.

4. Thoroughly move around leaves in solution.

5. Remove leaves from solution.

6. Thoroughly rinse both sides of the leaf under a strong stream of water, ensuring that each leaf is open and all the crevices are fully exposed.

Inspect leaves after washing:

7. Dry the leaves by patting dry or with a vegetable spinner.

8. Confirm that the washing was done thoroughly by inspecting both sides of each leaf, including opening up all folds and crevices. This should be done using a light box or in well-lit area.

» If more than one insect is found on the leaves, the entire process of washing and inspecting all the leaves must be repeated.

» If only one insect is found on a leaf, discard that leaf; the remaining leaves can be used.