METHOD I:  Thoroughly Washing the Produce Item

METHOD I: Thoroughly Washing the Produce Item

Required Materials for Washing Produce:

1. Water pressure strong enough to create a strong stream of water. Strong water pressure allows the water to remove some insects upon contact

2. A vegetable wash/soapy solution should be used as per the guidelines. Available vegetable washes include:

a. Fit Fruit and Vegetable Wash, under the OU ( or 1-800-FIT-WASH)

b. Environne, under the CRC ( or 1-800-282-WASH)
An important point: To make the water sudsy enough to feel slippery, a significantly larger amount than stated in the package instructions might be needed, due to the
diluted consistency of the washes.

c. Any other unscented concentrated solution that produces soapy / sudsy water can be used as per the guidelines of the OU and the national hashgochas

3. Soaking pans, prepared in advance of checking, should be large enough to accommodate the quantity of product being washed