Ace Party Rental

Ace Party Rental

ACE YOUR NEXT PARTY! Since 1950, ACE PARTY & CHAIR RENTAL has been serving the Brooklyn community and the five boroughs with all their party rental needs. ACE PARTY & CHAIR RENTAL has helped thousands of satisfied customers make their event a big success. ​We pride ourselves in giving individual service. Our goal is satisfied and repeat customers. Rental of Chairs Tables Linens Decor Shelves Bars Glassware as well as Kosher Dishes for Approved Caterers (Strict Glatt Kosher and Cholov Yisroel Dishware and Catering Equipment)

Kashrus Info

Business Type: Party Rentals

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Kashrus Type: Meat

Cholov Yisroel: No

Pas Yisroel: No

Yoshon: No

Bishul Yisroel Tuna: No