Vaad Hakashrus Five Towns Far Rockaway

Vaad HaKashrus of Five Towns Far Rockaway is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded to supervise and certify retail establishments and commercial companies that cater to the Kosher consumer in the local Five Towns area. Vaad Hakashrus adheres to only the strictest standards of Kashrus.

The Vaad

The Vaad Hakashrus of the Five Towns & Far Rockaway is a non-profit 501(c)3 local kosher certification that adheres only to the strictest standards of Kashrus. The Vaad HaKashrus began with a few stores in early 70s. As the Community grew, the number of stores under certification grew as well.


The Vaad HaKashrus slowly expanded to certify stores in all the Five Towns in addition to Far Rockaway, and services these communities and beyond. The Vaad HaKashrus certifies an array of different stores including bakeries, caterers, pizza stores, butchers, supermarkets, nursing homes, steakhouses, and more.


There are more than 50 Rabbonim representing their kehillas including many of the yeshivas of the community as member of the Vaad HaKashrus which represent the cross-section of the entire community.

Our Staff

Rabbi Yosef Eisen
 Rabbinic Administrator

Rabbi Shimon Adler
Assistant Rabbinic Administrator

Rabbi Yisrael Moshen
Senior Rabbinic Field Supervisor – Director of Catering
Rabbi Avrohom Garfinkel
Senior Rabbinic Field Supervisor
Rabbi Mordechai Ehrlich
Senior Rabbinic Field Supervisor

Rabbinic Board

Rabbi Shalom Axelrod
Young Israel of Woodmere

Rabbi Dovid Bender
Rosh Kollel Darchei Torah

Rabbi Eytan Feiner
Kneseth Israel (“The White Shul”)
Rabbi Yaakov Feitman
Kehillas Bais Yehudah Tzvi (“The Red Shul”)
Rabbi Kenneth Hain
Congregation Beth Sholom
Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz
Beis HaKnesses of North Woodmere
Rabbi Yaakov Trump
Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst

Rabbi Shmuel Witkin
Kehillas Bnei Hayeshivos

Executive Board

Mr. Stephen Savitsky

Mr. Moshe Smith

Mr. Elisha Brecher

Mr. Moshe Mishkowitz